Vegan Chocolate: You Can Have the Good Stuff!

Chocolate, or cacao, is thought to have been used by humans for over 2,000 years and since the Latin name for cacao tree literally translates to “food of the gods”, chocolate is something that vegans should not have to go without and nor do they need to.

The problem for vegans when it comes to getting their chocolate fix is that a lot of commercial “candy” type chocolate contains a lot more than just cacao and often uses animal fats and milk to mask the bitter taste that cacao naturally has. It is therefore vital that vegans are very vigilant when choosing chocolate products and anything that lists a large number of ingredients is likely a no-no, many of which can also counteract the health benefits of cacao as it is rich in antioxidants. So, the irony here for vegans here when it comes to chocolate is that the “good side” is also the “dark side”, since the darker the chocolate (over 55% and above in cacao) is more likely to be suitable.

With all that in mind, here are 5 recommended producers of vegan chocolate that can be trusted to give you your fix without compromising your lifestyle:

Conscious Chocolate

Don’t worry, the chocolate itself isn’t conscious in the literal sense, that would go against the entire ethos of this charming and ethical chocolate company started in 2004 in Sussex, UK. Currently market leaders in Europe for producing vegan chocolate, Conscious chocolate use only organic and ethically sourced ingredients that are of course completely free from animal products. Best of all, they offer worldwide delivery to sate vegans’ chocolate needs across the globe.

Pana Chocolate

These Australia based chocolatiers take great pride in their organic chocolate range which is entirely suitable for vegans. Pana chocolate offer a good range of interesting and innovative flavours and have also branched into making gluten-free cakes as well, all of which have the added health boost of being free from refined sugars. They too offer worldwide delivery.


Another UK based producer of exclusively vegan chocolate, Ethicoco seem to have more of an emphasis on quality not quantity as they have a smaller range than the previous companies listed but they take great delight in telling visitors to their site about the quality of their ingredients. They currently branching out as a brand as they have several stockists around the UK already.

Chocolate Hollow

This rather innovative company offers a solution for vegans who prefer their chocolate on the lighter side as they offer a unique and secret “Schmilk” recipe bars that apparently fool even omnivorous chocolate tasters with its creamy taste. The founder of this chocolate business in Vermont, New England was inspired to be a chocolatier by Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, so expect many more innovations to come forth from this vegan Willy Wonka.

Moo Free Chocolate

Moo Free Chocolate show once again that the UK is rapidly becoming the epicentre for vegan chocolate production. Their charming name tells you straight away that they cater towards little vegans with adorably colourful packaging featuring cute little animal characters. And it’s a business plan that definitely seems to have worked for them as they have stockists in over 30 countries worldwide. These are definitely the go to chocolate bars for parents trying to encourage their youngsters into the vegan lifestyle.

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