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    Vegan A Go-Go is a video podcast cooking show. Bringing you fantastic vegan recipes right to your computer.
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    Several people have commented on how much they like the music we use on the show. So we decided to put up a list of all the bands and songs with links. Enjoy!

    Bloc Party | Caine Said to Abel | iTunes
    Jupiter One | Countdown | iTunes
    Brian Scibinico | Tonight | Free Mp3
    Deastro | The Green Harbor | iTunes
    Tim Williams | Novel | iTunes
    New Loud Rockets | Bleeding in a Cab | Free Mp3
    The Autumns | Adelaide | iTunes
    The Frail | Count on This | iTunes
    The Cribs | Men’s Needs | iTunes
    Hearts of Palm UK | Portugal One | MySpace
    Two Hours Traffic | Stuck for the Summer |  iTunes
    Can’t Stop the Daggers | Faking it Well | MyStrands
    Any Day in June | Intro | Free Mp3
    Heels Catch Fire | Have You Noticed | Aime Street
    Conservative Man | Radio Montreal | iTunes
    Gramercy Arms | Looking At The Sun | iTunes
    Dave Ody | Don’t know What to Say | iTunes

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    • Diana  said:

      I really loved the fast yet layed back music on the show, so now that I have a few of the songs I listen to them while I cook!

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